Canada says diplomat also suffered hearing loss in Cuba

Based on statements from officials with knowledge of the situation, an investigation into the circumstances of this odd phenomenon has been ongoing throughout 2017. The Americans believe it was the result of a type of ultra sonic waves.

As reports emerged of a mysterious incident of American diplomats experiencing hearing loss at the USA embassy in Cuba, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov met with Josefina Vidal, director general of the us division of the Cuban foreign ministry, and later the Cuban ambassador to Russia Emilio Lozada Garcia. USA officials later concluded that a device operating outside the range of audible sound has been installed inside or near diplomatic residences in Havana.

It was not immediately clear if the device was a weapon used in a deliberate attack, the AP said.

Cuba responded by saying that it would never allow its soil to be used for actions against diplomats and that it is willing to cooperate with the clarify the incidents.

A USA government official told CNN that the who, where and when point to "an attack" - the United States is investigating whether a third country was involved as "payback" for actions the U.S. has taken elsewhere and to "drive a wedge between the United States and Cuba". The official did not know if the affected diplomatic personnel and their families suffered any permanent health problems as a result, and could not say how many individuals were affected for privacy reasons. "We still are trying to determine the actual cause of their situation", she said, referring to the diplomats who have left Cuba. At the moment, the United States can not blame any individual or country in the incident, she added.

Nauert said investigators did not yet have a definitive explanation for the incidents but stressed they take them "very seriously", as shown by the Cuban diplomats' expulsions. She added that they are "monitoring it", and providing any necessary medical care.

The FBI is investigating the targeting of USA personnel at the embassy in Havana with a sonic device that caused hearing loss in at least one individual that could be permanent.

Global Affairs Canada spokeswoman Brianne Maxwell said Canadian officials "are aware of unusual symptoms affecting Canadian and U.S. diplomatic personnel and their families in Havana".

But - justifying the expulsion of two Cuban diplomats from Washington - she insisted that Cuba, as the United States mission's host nation, bears responsibility for its security. When asked specifically what the incidents were, Nauert replied, "That's what we're calling it".

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Wednesday night that it learned of the health issues on February 17, and opened a "comprehensive, priority and urgent investigation" and formed an expert committee to investigate the allegations.

A statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied it was responsible for an attack on the Canadians and Americans.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been rebuilding the relationship with Cuba and has eyed expanding its military presence on the island. Buzzfeed News reported on Wednesday that the global community has gotten the impression Trump is really only focused on undoing anything that was started by the Obama administration.

USA diplomats in Cuba said they suffered occasional harassment for years after the restoration of limited ties with the communist government in the 1970s, harassment reciprocated by US agents against Cuban diplomats in Washington. She also added that the government was taking the issue "very seriously, and an investigation is now under way". This post will be updated if we learn more.

Loss of hearing is a different symptom, and how someone in cash-strapped Cuba might have obtained and deployed a device with that effect is unknown. This device sure does sound sinister, though.