HTC reveals its Vive Focus standalone VR headset

The new wireless VR headset features an AMOLED display and is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Vive Focus uses a somewhat simple-looking three-degrees-of-freedom controller with a similar trackpad to the larger Vive devices. Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC Vive's China President has said HTC is only focusing on China for now with the Vive Focus headset. At the same time Google's Clay Bavor confirmed via Twitter that HTC had cancelled plans to release a standalone headset compatible with the Daydream platform - seemingly in order to concentrate on Vive Wave.

All-in-one VR solutions may be cheaper and more convenient than those connected to PCs, but the trade-off is usually a much poorer experience. This year, Oculus cut the price of its Oculus Rift VR headset to $399 from $798 and HTC Vive followed suit bringing the price of its headset to $599 from $799. HTC also confirmed that over 100 developers are already working on content for the HTC Vive Focus.

HTC has additionally partnered with VR development platform Unity Technologies to enable one-click publishing of VR content on to Viveport library, through which the developments will directly debut on the Vive Wave platform. Users can experience premium virtual reality like what they can get from the high-end systems such as the HTC Vive, but with the portability provided by smartphone-powered options such as the Samsung Gear VR. It's essentially Daydream but for China instead, meaning the Vive Focus is the VR headset we expected to come to the United Kingdom and U.S., but running Daydream instead. 12 hardware partners also announced their support for the integration of Vive Wave, as well as the Viveport content platform, into their future products, including Baofengmojing, Idealens, Pico, and Pimax.

HTC's standalone VR headset comes with "world-scale" tracking. Well, here's hoping that one day the Vive Focus will still make it to other markets in some shape or form, so long as Google is genuinely fine with that after this breakup. Having the same advantage over the Oculus Go could make the Vive Focus much more popular in turn.